System Information

Character Generation:


Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma
In order of preference, starting with the best 3 of 9d6, then the best 3 of 8d6, decreasing down to 3d6. Reroll character if stats total less than 75.

Apply a +1 bonus to two stats, or one +2 bonus to one stat, with no stat going above 19.


  • Training: +3 to one combat skill (firearms, blade, hand-to-hand, etc – all combat skills roll against dexterity)
  • Hobby: +2 to one support skill (swimming, stealth, music, etc)
  • Background: +1 to one professional skill (your family’s trade)

Magical/Technical Abilities:

All abilities are based on a physical ability; the majority of magical abilities are based on Intelligence, and technical abilities on Dexterity. Each attempted use will require a percentile roll: chance of M/Tech success + modifiers. Chance of M/Tech success is equal to the average Intelligence or Dexterity plus Wisdom (Magic uses Int, Dex for Technical). You cannot specialize in both magical and technical, however magic can manipulate technical, and vise versa. Modifiers are based on the difficulty of the task and relative skill of the character.

Dice Rolls:

  • For your effective skill (stat + modifiers), roll at or below the listed percentile.
  • A roll of one quarter or less of the required percentile is a critical success.
  • A roll of 100 is always a failure.
  • A roll of more than twice the required percentile is a critical failure.


A turn represents approximately three seconds of activity.
Each turn you can do one of the following actions

  • Attack: use primary weapon at regular skill. Unless the attack is a critical success or the target is unable to react to the attack, the target may make a defense roll.
  • Prepare: spend one round preparing an attack against an opponent, to gain a cumulative +1 bonus against that opponent next round. Maximum preparation bonus is +5. This bonus can be applied to a parry made against an attack that opponent makes within your reach.
  • Power Attack: As attack, but +50% damage. No defense rolls this turn.
  • Double Attack: Make two attacks, at -1 each. No defense rolls this turn.
  • Determined Attack: Make one attack at +3. No defense rolls this turn.
  • Move: Base speed is five yards.
  • Run: Move double your base speed. No defense rolls this turn.

Defense rolls: Dodge (dexterity roll), Parry (attack roll at half melee skill).
Bullets can only be dodged, but arrows, bolts and similar can be parried at -1.


Apply modifiers for beneficial and detrimental situations, as per the GM’s decision.
Additionally, the worse of the distance or speed penalty applies when targeting opponents.

5 yds-1
10 yds-2
25 yds-3
60 yds-4
100 yds-5
200 yds-6

Darkness imposes a -1 thru -4 depending on completeness (-1 for twilight, -4 for starlight), for all tasks dependent on vision.

The average adventuring-style task should be the norm, with no modifier to a roll. Tasks should be modified from +5 for “so easy, a peasant could do it” to -5 for “I didn’t even know you could do that with a banana.”

Percentile Rolls

System Information

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