J.T. Simmons

Field medic with an overzealous interest in internals.


Strength: 14
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 15

Training: Rifle (Dexterity +3)
Hobby: Swimming (Strength +2)
Background: Medicine (Wisdom +1)
Magical Ability 18 + 15 / 2 = 33


A respectable young man from a family of doctors and surgeons, Pvt J.T. Simmons took an interest in people’s insides at a young age. Fortunately no permanent damage was done, and his parents soon found they had a medical prodigy on their hands. Upon joining the military, he was trained as a field medic and has been happily cutting people open to make them feel better ever since.

J.T. Simmons

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